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Training Program on Research Design




2 Weeks

About the Course

A training program on research design is essential for any individual aspiring to conduct thorough, insightful and reliable academic or scientific research. Our Training Program on Research Design will equip individuals with the fundamental skills to design rigorous research projects that elicit accurate, replicable results. Participants learn how to identify and formulate well-defined research questions, select appropriate samples, data collection methods, data analysis procedures and report their findings clearly and effectively. The program will cover various forms of research design like surveys, experimental, and observational studies, allowing participants a holistic understanding of the concept. By taking this training course on research design, participants can confidently develop studies that withstand peer scrutiny while establishing credibility as proficient researchers in their respective fields.

Course Content

The course content will be delivered in four sessions, each lasting 2-hour lessons covering the following topics:

  1. Forming research questions and hypothesis

  2. Types of research designs for testing hypothesis

  3. Data organisation and analysis

  4. Data presentation: Working with graphs and table


Additional lessons will be provided at no extra cost if the students need more time to explore and understand the topics covered in the course. All our lessons are activity based with a clear learning objective. Therefore, we do not use textbooks, and all learning materials will be provided to the student in the class. The cost of learning materials is included in the fees.

Your Instructor

Hemant Poudyal

Hemant Poudyal

Dr Hemant Poudyal is the founder and director of Koios Institute. He has over 15 years of experience as an educator and researcher at three of the top 50 global universities. He has taught students from over 40 countries.

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