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Master Collaborators Program©
Classes 6 to 8; 12-14 years old)




50 lessons, each lasting 90 minutes.

About the Course

Our Master Collaborators Program© is designed to help adolescents navigate the confusing and often distressing phase of early teen years with greater confidence and emotional resilience so that their journeys of growth, mastery, and self-improvement are unhindered.

Students will learn to:

  • Build self-esteem & confidence,

  • Recognise and handle peer pressure,

  • Appropriately deal with emotions and feelings of self and others,

  • Develop a collaborative mindset,

  • Achieve advanced numerical, linguistic, and digital literacy,

  • Engage in lateral, abstract, & visual thinking,

  • Express original thoughts through creative writing and storytelling,

  • Effectively memorise and retain information, and

  • Manage their space, time, tasks, and goals for better productivity.

The program will be delivered in 50 lessons, each lasting 90 minutes. Depending on the convenience of the parents and child, they may choose to have single or multiple classes in a week (for example, 1.5hr/week, 3hrs/day once a week, or 1.5hr/day twice a week). All our lessons are activity based with a clear learning objective. Therefore, we do not use textbooks, and all learning materials will be provided to the student in the class. The cost of learning materials is included in the fees.

Your Instructor

Dr. Hemant Poudyal

Dr. Hemant Poudyal

Dr Hemant Poudyal is the founder and director of Koios Institute. He has over 15 years of experience as an educator and researcher at three of the top 50 global universities. He has taught students from over 40 countries.

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