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Fun with Imagination Program©
(Kindergarten to Class 2; 5-8 years old)




50 lessons, each lasting 60 minutes.

About the Course

The Fun with Imagination Program© has been developed at K-CSC to cater to the developmental, academic, and socio-emotional needs of 5-8-year-old children through fun, age-appropriate activities.

Students will learn to:

  • Curiously explore the world around them,

  • Identify and express their emotions and feelings,

  • Recognise and adapt to group dynamics,

  • Actively listen to and communicate with their peers and teachers,

  • Approach problems creatively, and

  • Achieve basic numerical, linguistic, and digital literacy.

The program will be delivered in 50 lessons, each lasting 60 minutes. Depending on the convenience of the parents and child, they may choose to have single or multiple classes in a week (for example, 1hr/week, 2hrs/day once a week, or 1hr/day twice a week). All our lessons are activity based with a clear learning objective. Therefore, we do not use textbooks, and all learning materials will be provided to the student in the class. The cost of learning materials is included in the fees.

Your Instructor

Dr. Bibechana Timsina

Dr. Bibechana Timsina

Dr Bibechana Timsina is the co-founder and chief educator at Koios Centre for Creative and Social Competency. After finishing her PhD at Jain University, Bangalore, she became head teacher at MakeWay Study Center, Kyoto, Japan, where she instructed students as young as three to high school students using state-of-the-art pedagogical techniques for nine years. During this period, she also trained an international pool of teaching staff.

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