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Koios Centre for Creative &
Social Competency (K-CSC)

K-CSC offers enrichment programs to enable young people to explore the world around them with curiosity, creatively solve problems, develop social-emotional skills, learn through self-discovery, and achieve functional independence beyond what they can achieve through the mass-market, industrial style of education.

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12 Reasons To Choose K-CSC



Curriculum developed in-house using the latest pedagogy and education psychology research.


Highly Trained Educators

Graduation Caps

Our chief educators have doctorate degrees with teaching experience at premier global institutions. All supporting educators have a bachelor's degree or more.


Interactions with International Students

Children's Day Celebration

Regular video and written communication with students from our partner institute in Japan. All interactions will be grade-matched to ensure students can freely share experiences, ideas, & expectations appropriate to their age and educational attainment.

Makeup Classes

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Students have the option to choose up to five makeup lessons in a year if they miss their regular session due to reasons related to school activities/exams, health, natural disasters, or family emergencies.

After-School Programs

Image by Erik Mclean

Programs offered daily after regular school hours. Students can choose a timeslot that works best for them and their families.


Activity-based Lessons

Crafts Activity

All lessons have a clear objective and are activity based and we do not use textbooks. All learning materials will be provided in the class.


Image by micheile henderson

Scholarships are available to cover the fees and cost of study material for students from low-income families.

Observation Lessons

Go to school

We invite parents/guardians to observe their children in class two times a year. During these visits, we will also update the parents on the student's progress.

Complements Regular Schooling

Missing Piece

Programs designed to complement the current education system to optimal academic and personal growth. 

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Small Group Teaching

University Students

Class size is limited to a maximum of 6 students to ensure every student gets the attention they need.

Free Trial Lesson

Father Teaching Child

Students perform best when they receive knowledge in a format that matches their learning style and an environment where they feel safe and appreciated. Therefore, we offer one free trial lesson so students can evaluate if K-CSC is best for them.

Flexible Fees

Payment Options

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Fees may be paid monthly, annually, or in five equal instalments.

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