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Dr. Bibechana Timsina

Chief Educator & Trainer

Educational Qualification
Doctor of Philosophy (Jain University, Bangalore, INDIA)
Previously Held Position
Head Teacher
MakeWay Study Center
Kyoto, JAPAN

A Bit About Me

Teaching is my passion and hobby!
I have been trained to use the Total Physical Response (TPR) system to better convey knowledge to my students. I have experience using TPR and many other advanced, evidence-based instructional methods with people of different backgrounds, ages, and cultures for over 10 years.
My lessons are always lively and filled with enjoyable activities. I encourage my students to ask questions, take risks, and overcome the fear of making mistakes, which are crucial elements of the learning process. Therefore, I aim to make my classes fun and relaxing so my students have a comfortable learning environment.

Work Experience

Aug 2014 - Dec 2022

Ages groups taught


Head teacher

MakeWay Study Center

Kyoto, JAPAN

I taught school going children of all ages. I also offered communication lesson for professionals from tourism and hospitality industry.

In addition to conducting regular classes, I was primarily responsible for training of an international team of teachers in teaching methodology, conducting annual off-site autumn and winter camps with students, and some organizational tasks.


Research Articles

  1. Timsina B, Shukla M, Nadumane VK. A review of few essential oils and their anticancer property. J Nat Pharm. 2012; 3: 1-8.

  2. Timsina B and Varalakshmi KN. Anti-cancer potential of banana flower extract: An in vitro study. Bangladesh J Pharmacol. 2014; 9: 628-635.

  3. Rao S, Timsina B, Varalakshmi KN. Antimicrobial effects of medicinal plants and their comparative cytotoxic effects on HEPG2 cell line. Int J Pharm Pharm Sci. 2014; 6 (1): 101-105.

  4. Rao S, Timsina B, Varalakshmi KN. Evaluation of the anticancer potentials of Origanum marjorana on fibrosarcoma (HT-1080) cell line. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease. 2014; 4 (Supp 1): S389-S394.

  5. Timsina B and Varalakshmi KN. Mango seeds: A potential source for the isolation of bioactive compounds with anti-cancer activity. Int J Pharm Pharm Sci. 2015; 7: 89-95.

  6. Timsina B, Nadumane VK. Purification and Evaluation of Bioactive Fractions for Anti-cancer Potentials from the Flowers and Leaves of Nyctanthes arbortristis L. Chiang Mai J. Sci. 2016; 43(1): 100-111.

  7. Jain JR, Timsina B, Satyan KB, Manohar SH. A comparative assessment of morphological and molecular diversity among Sechium edule (Jacq.) Sw. accessions in India. 3 Biotech. 2017: 7.

  8. Timsina B and Nadumane V. Decreased S Phase and G2/M Phase Cells by a Bioactive Fraction from the Hexane Extract of Rhododendron aroboreum Leading to the Apoptosis of HeLa Cells In-Vitro. Trends Sci. 2022; 19(14): 4963.

Key Conference Presentations

  1. Bibechana Timsina and Varalakshmi KN. “Cytotoxic potentials of Medicinal plants-an In vitro study on HeLa cells. Poster presentation at the National conference on “Bioactive compounds and Therapeutics” Jnanarjana. 2012, Oxford college, Bangalore.

  2. Bibechana Timsina and Varalakshmi KN. “Evaluation of antiproliferative properties of some medicinal plants”. Oral presentation in the “Research Retreat”. 2012, Jain University. Bangalore.

  3. Bibechana Timsina and Varalakshmi KN. “Anticancer activity of food plants - An in-vitro study on Human cancer cell line”. National Symposium on Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology for food and nutritional security, 2013, CFTRI, Mysore. 

  4. Bibechana Timsina and Varalakshmi KN. “Cytotoxic potentials of food plants- An in-vitro study on HeLa cells”. Poster presentation in National conference “Bioneers”, 2014, Jain University, Bangalore.

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