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Koios Academic Services (KAS)

We are dedicated to helping academic clients get the most out of their research and writing. We provide comprehensive editing and formatting services for scholarly work. In addition, we conduct interactive research training workshops for students, researchers, and academics on research methodology, ethics, conference presentations, manuscript preparation, and academic communication.


All our editors and trainers have doctorate degrees and working experiences in top international institutions as educators, researchers, and professors.


Our team members have an excellent track record in applying and securing competitive research grants, publishing research manuscripts in international peer-reviewed journals, and publishing bestselling academic books. 

Global Clientele

We have worked with academic authors worldwide, including the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, India, and the Philippines since our inception in 2021.

"Very professional and efficient! The team handed the paper in a very limited time and with way better quality than I expected. I would definitely turn to them next time and recommend them to everyone."

Choi, UK

Our Services

Academic Integrity Policy

Committed to Zero Plagiarism 

Our services aim to supplement technical expertise to help materialise our client's original ideas by polishing their work for better readability, comprehension, and impact. We will not undertake orders that infringe on academic integrity in any way, such as coursework assignments. 

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