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KOIOS Organisational Units

Three Centres, One Goal

Various innovative programs and initiatives are being developed and implemented through our three focused centres to realise our goals of contributing to a healthier and more equitable society.

KHPIC Logo.png

Koios Health Policy Innovation Centre (KHPIC) will be launched in August 2023 to engage with local/national government agencies and research institutions to formulate evidence-based public health policies considering the community's current and emergent health and well-being needs.

In two years, we have built a solid track record of offering consultation and training services through Koios Academic Services (KAS) to academics and post-graduate students worldwide to enhance the quality of their research output. These services include on-demand training and workshops on data mining, data analysis, research manuscript writing, publishing in high-impact international journals, and preparing conference presentations. We also offer consultation on research methodology and pre-submission manuscript editing services for peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Koios Centre for Creative and Social Competency (K-CSC) was launched in February 2022 and offers after-school enrichment programs for young people to develop real-world skills. The teaching philosophy of KCDS is based on the principle that the academic, professional, and social trajectories of students are determined by just six attributes—imagination, creativity, critical thinking, originality, communication skills and socio-emotional intelligence—and that these attributes must be guided and nurtured from a young age.
At K-CSC, we develop state-of-the-art curricula to complement the current education system to develop young people's academic, professional, and social-emotional skills. We also engage with local schools and other stakeholders to make our resources available and provide technical assistance to the schools for in-house evidence-based educational resource development to fit their local context. Join us in our mission to make a difference in the lives of others.

What's in the Name? Who or what is Koios?

Koios (Ancient Greek: Κοῖος, Latin: Coeus) is one of the twelve Titan gods of Greek mythology. He is the god of resolve, intelligence, and inquisitive mind; "Κοῖος" literally translates to "query" or "questioning". Nevertheless, Koios seems to be an obscure figure in Greek mythology, with just a few mentions in written text and even fewer statues or paintings of him. He was primarily important through his descendants, Apollo and Artemis. Like Koios, we hope to provide the environment for inquisitive minds to shine through their steadfast resolve and intelligence. And as they shine, we wish to step into darkness.

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